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ARRT Changes

·          The ARRT has posted proposed changes to its Rules and Regulations on their website under the tab “ARRT News” and “Your Chance to Comment”.

·          All comments are due June 3, 2016

·          January 1, 2020 - A primary pathway (ARRT recognized sonography education program) will be your only option to pursue an ARRT sonography certification and registration

·          January 1, 2017, those with RDMS that want the ARRT Sonography credential have to fulfill ARRT’s educational requirements before applying to take the exam.

·          R.P.A. (Radiology Practitioner Assistant) graduates who haven’t previously applied for R.R.A. certification may be eligible to do so through Dec. 31, 2020.

·          The formatting for the Rules of Ethics will change to put the rules in categories so they are easier to understand.

·          January 1, 2017 – You must report ethics violations to ARRT, including criminal charges and convictions, within 30 days of occurrence.

·          If you have ethics sanctions, you have 30 days to request a hearing or appeal. You can wave the 30 days to start and finish your sanction period faster.

·          If you have Ethics or Settlement Agreement sanctions, you can apply for removal.

·          January 1, 2018 – Earning additional credentials won’t earn credits, but the educational activities you complete to qualify will be eligible to count toward biennial CE.

·          You may now report an activity for credit more than once in your career, but not in the same biennium.

You can make your thoughts known by reading and commenting on ARRT’s website:


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