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OBMI Meeting Notes 1/19/18

05 Feb 2018 11:17 AM | Deleted user

1. Update: Proposed legislation to allow CRNAs to supervise technologists during interventional pain management

Still in process no updates.  This will likely be presented to Monnes-Anderson in the next legislative session.  The legislative session begins 2/5/18.

2. Consideration of public comments and discussion of adoption of rules governing temporary limited x-ray permits

Changes have been made to the revised proposal for limited permits to submit public comment.  Public comment will open again.  

3. Request by CurveBeam for amendment to rules to allow RTs to operate cone beam CT without a CT credential .

Dr. Edelman reported cone beam imaging used in Indiana during spine surgery.  

The request is just for extremities.  The equipment CurveBeam sells is only for extremities, but it does exist for lumbar spines.  Dr. Edleman clarified it was actually an O-ring.  

RPS:  They manage the equipment, but rely on OBMI to speak to the licensure and who can use the equipment.  

In reach system:  Upper extremity is 1 microSievert.  Similar to the dose of a 2D x-ray.  Units are self shielded.  2-6 microsieverts compare to conventional CT which is 20-60 microsievert.  100-120 kVp, mAs setting at 5.    This technology came out of the dental realm.   Benefits to the patient:  3D images available to physicians at a lower dose than conventional CT.  Also includes weight bearing which is an advantage.   Allows them to plan better for their surgery.  

RPS asked:  What type of QA programs are there?  Third party physicist provides a shielding review.  Ongoing, the system is calibrated quarterly done by the users.  Digital record is kept of calibration.  What is the application training? Staff have to radiation safety.  4 hours of application is provided.  

How long has it been in the marketplace?  Since 2012.

Providers don’t want to pay a CT/RT to operate it.  The new wording would exclude the LXMO.  

There are three vendors currently.

Concern from the board  is this can extend to larger extremities.  Concerns about giving the green light to RT’s will open up the opportunity for LXMO.  The concern is public safety and is someone having the minimum amount of training appropriate.  Concerns shared with podiatrist, chiropractors will start to use it without supervision.  The major concerns are deployment of the technology and who is using it.  If you loosen the regulatory rules then you invite in abuse.  

Moving on without a change, but recommend a rules committee to review the current language.  

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