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The ARRT first started testing and registering X-ray Technicians.


Alf Borquist was the first registered X-ray technician in Oregon.


Lavilla Perry was registered as an X-ray technician in Oregon.


Lavilla Perry and Alf Borquist were appointed to represent Oregon at the June 1928 convention of the American Society of X-ray Technicians (ASXT) in Chicago.

Perry and Borquist called a meeting in October of 1928 to discuss organizing a local society.
There were 10-12 X-ray technicians from between both Portland and Salem present at the meeting, and they set up a committee to prepare a constitution and by-laws.

The group met again in November to approve the constitution and by-laws. They also patterned an application after the one used by the ASXT and adopted the name Oregon Technicians Society of Roentgenology.

Eleven Charter Members:  
Selma Oehler Salem
Kathryn Dutcher Portland
Joseph Oubram Portland
R. Walter Johnson Portland
E. S. Newton Salem
L. W. Williford Portland
L. L. Wassel Portland
Harriet Compton Portland
Alf Borquist Portland
Lavilla Perry Salem
Naomi Hoel Salem
President Alf Borquist
Secretary Lavilla Perry
Treasurer R. Walter Johnson
Executive Committee:  
Chairman E. S. Newton
  Kathryn Dutcher
  Harriet Compton

Meetings were held either quarterly or monthly.


The name was changed to Oregon Society of Radiographers.

A branch of the society was formed in Salem


Interstate meetings were held in Centralia, WA


The name was changed again to Oregon Society of of X-Ray Technicians (OSXT).

During these years various individuals represented Oregon at the national meetings.


The OSXT re-affiliated with the ASXT.

Mr. R. Walter Johnson, who was the first American Society counselor, and one of the original eleven charter members of the OSXT, was voted a life member.


A banquet was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the OSXT.


The Oregon Technical Institute (now OIT) started its Rad Tech program, it was a technician program.


The state was divided into 9 districts. At this time there were 161 registered technicians in the OSXT.

The first recorded mention that the organization has an official bulletin, The Skiagram.


The twenty fifth anniversary of the OSXT was held at a convention in Klamath Falls in April 1953 at the Willard Hotel and Oregon Technical Institute.


Downtown Klamath Falls - Circa 1955 The Oregon Vocational School / OTI campus


Alfred B. Greene, executive secretary of the American Registry of X-ray Technicians, was the principle speaker at the OSXT meeting in Eugene.

Two individuals from OSXT, Julian Denny and Neil Lyons, presented at the national ASXT convention in Boston.


Loraine Smith was elevated to Fellow at the 32nd meeting of the ASXT in Cincinnati, Ohio.


The names of the ASXT and OSXT appear to have changed to ASRT and OSRT in publications.

Hilda Drum was elevated to Fellow of the ASRT.


Alice Sharp was one of the first 3 Oregon technologists registered in radiation therapy, at that time there were only 150 in the nation.

Former OSRT President Edna Wanke was President of the NW Conference and presided over their meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

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