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Oregon Senate Bill 128

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The OSRT legislative committee was notified in January 2019 of proposed Senate Bill 128. Linked here is a draft of the bill for your review. This bill would allow Advanced Nurse Practitioners to supervise fluoroscopy if they've met standards set by OBMI. These standards include an education component, a clinical component and requires them to pass an ARRT exam. This bill would not allow them to operate fluoroscopy, but rather supervise/direct technologists. 


As you may be aware, this has been an ongoing issue for the past few years and the proposal has certainly come a long way. The original proposal by the Oregon Nurses Association (ONA) requested the ability for Advanced Nurse Practitioners to order, perform and interpret all imaging studies. They stated the need for this change was due to long wait times for pain management injections in rural areas where radiologist and physician availability is limited. Through working with the Oregon Board of Medical Imaging and Radiation Protection Services, the newest proposal (SB 128) would ensure that those Advanced Nurse Practitioners supervising fluoroscopy would have to complete specialized education and prove competency.  

Next Steps: 

The OSRT legislative committee is watching the proposal closely and plans on having a representative attend any meeting where the Senate healthcare committee will be discussing this proposal. It is extremely important to have technologists in the room during these discussions to ensure our voices and concerns are heard. We will also watch for any amendments to the proposal. Please continue to check the website for updates.

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